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Posted by Cheyenne Howitt on Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 12:08pm.

We have imagined ourselves in a position of relaxing and “watching the world go by”. One of the more exciting ways of “watching the world go by” is to observe from the deck of a cruise ship. Many of you may have done this on multiple occasions and others of you not at all. Those of you who have had the good fortune of purchasing property and moving to the Sunshine Coast can see “the world go by” without actually on board the deck of a cruise ship. Imagine being on your own deck or porch that has a clear view to the ocean. Suddenly there comes into view this well-lit ocean liner. Perhaps you can even hear the music from a dance band that is playing on board the ship. It is not difficult to think of yourself enjoying the consumption of fine food and wine and dancing to romantic tunes that rekindle fond memories from the past.

During the months from April to October there is a continuous flow of these sea goddesses on their way to and from Alaska. It boggles the mind to realize at certain times of the year you may observe 2 or 3 of these beauties in one night. In 2017, there are at least thirteen cruise lines that will sail out of the Port of Vancouver. That is thirteen cruise lines, not cruise ships. One cruise line that sails out of the Port of Vancouver operates at least eight separate vessels during the season. Alaska cruises emanate from Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego as well as Vancouver. Some cruise lines travel the outside of Vancouver Island but if your ship travels the inside passage, it will be hard to miss seeing the beautiful Sunshine Coastline.

You can go online to view the schedule of the 2017 departures from the Port of Vancouver. Go to - Many departures are on Saturday and the return is usually on Sunday evening. You should be able to see your first ship of the season as early as April 11th when the Star Princess departs from Vancouver for Alaska. This ship is a large one! The Star Princess was launched in 2000 and refurbished in 2008. This ship can be seen again at the end of the season as it leaves Vancouver for Alaska on October 18th. It can accommodate 2,600 passengers.

Looking over the departure schedule it is unlikely that any single cruise line operates more sailings up and down our coast than Holland America. You will be able to observe their ships during the entire season. On May 13th, one of Holland America's prize ships departs the Port of Vancouver. It is the Nieuw Amsterdam which is the latest of ships of that name which began around 1910. The Nieuw Amsterdam can carry as many as 2,100 passengers. It offers entertainment featuring the music of BB King and much more. It has an art collection that is appraised at more than $3,000,000. On May 29th, you may be able to experience a double- header, as both the Norwegian Sun and the Disney Wonder will be in our waters.

Cruises are a great way to vacation. An experienced Cruise advisor can help you with all your travel plans to ensure you find the right cruise adventure.

Bon voyage and happy cruising!!!!


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