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Posted by Cheyenne Howitt on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 11:38am.

When you think of reasons for purchasing real estate on the Sunshine Coast you may think of the great value of the real estate, the climate, the opportunities for recreation both land and marine. These are all valid reasons to purchase real estate. You correctly admire the life style but you may not be aware that an important part of that life style is the wide range of available restaurants, pubs, bistros and specialty eating establishments. The range is impressive from places offering fine dining to take out, fast food to European cuisine.

You can check how the restaurants see themselves and to some extent, how their customers see them by going to review. In the Find field select Restaurants and in Near field enter Sunshine Coast, BC. In some cases, there are more than 100 reviews of a restaurant or establishment, all made by satisfied or dissatisfied patrons.

In the lower Sunshine Coast, no restaurant has a higher percentage of praise for its all-round performance than the "Upper Deck Café" located in Secret Cove. It is a fine dining establishment located right on the water in the midst of the Secret Cove Marina. The only drawback is that the cafe is seasonal, only open from May to September. 

Another fine dining establishment in the Secret Cove area is the "Rockwater Resort" which is a hotel as well as a restaurant that is well known for its atmosphere and fine cuisine.

In Sechelt, there is the "Basted Baker" which is open for breakfast and lunch. Some of its reviews rave about the biscuits and sandwiches, some of which are vegetarian, along with homemade soups and eggs benedict.

A relatively new and popular restaurant is "Shift Kitchen & Tapas Bar". It has a unique menu including vegetarian dishes and is family friendly. 

The "Lighthouse Pub" is not only the highest rated pub in Sechelt but is also one of the highest rated restaurants. It is located on the Sechelt Inlet and the review refers to it as a "Sechelt Must". 

The "Blue Heron Inn", located on the Sechelt Inlet, has been a local fine dining favourite for years. Its specialty is seafood.

For those who like the barbeque taste and smell, there is "Lucky’s Smoke House" which is highly praised by many of its customers. It is popular for take out although you can eat in.

"Pebbles Restaurant" has been a favourite waterfront restaurant in Sechelt for decades. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers mainly Canadian food but its Friday "Mexican Night" has become very popular.

"Ty’s Fine Food and Bistro" offers a variety of foods from different cultures and is praised for its soups, flat breads, and pastas. It is vegetarian friendly and has vegan options.

Italian food is very popular on the Sunshine Coast. None is more popular than "The Old Boot Eatery". Many of its specialty sauces and recipes can be purchased next door, at the Galiano Market.

"Saffron Restaurant" offers genuine Indian food at affordable prices and its service is highly praised. Saffron offers Canadian alternatives for those who may not wish to eat Indian food.

"Sushi Bar 5517" is a very much praised Japanese restaurant in Sechelt. It is open for lunch and dinner and has takeout service as well as excellent service to eat in.

The last restaurant being reviewed for Sechelt is "Golden City". Some of the reviews label the Golden City as serving the best Chinese food on the Coast.

Turning to Gibsons, we find the "Sweetwater Bistro". It specializes in Canadian food, particularly fish, offering gluten free meals and reviewed with much praise. One reviewer, visiting from Vancouver Island, said if he lived in Gibsons, he would eat there regularly. 

Another fine dining restaurant in the Gibsons area is "Chasters". It is intimate with a relaxed semi-formal atmosphere. It has a beautiful dining room and the food is primarily Canadian flair. Chasters is also open for lunch. 

A visit to Gibsons calls for a stop at "Molly’s Reach" where the TV series The Beachcombers was shot between 1972 and 1990. It serves a well reviewed fish taco and a carrot cake that is raved about. 

“Smoke on the Water BBQ Shack” is located right next to the Marina. It serves smoked meat, homemade coleslaw, baked beans and a smoked vegetable sandwich. Service is primarily takeout. 

"Sushi Bar Nagomi" serves very fresh sushi. This restaurant is famous locally for its prawn gyoza.

Reviewers say that the "Blackfish Pub" has great food and a great menu. It is very lively and offers a free main course and a beer on your birthday.

All these restaurants are great to visit during your stay on the Sunshine Coast, but if you live here, these establishments are here for you to satisfy any of your food cravings.


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