Blog #2 – by DVW – Homes On The Sunshine Coast - Great activities!

Posted by Cheyenne Howitt on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 10:31am.

This week we are going to reveal to you some of the great activities that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

It may be that the greatest beehive of activities is the Sechelt Activity Centre, which is also known as The Sechelt Senior Centre. You do not have to be a senior to join. This facility offers more than forty different opportunities for varied recreation . A person can access some or all of them for $ 25.00 per year.

Some of the activities are fitness classes, dance classes, Tai Chi, crafts and of course pickleball, supposedly named by the game inventor after his dog Pickle. This paddle game has exploded in popularity. The sport is usually available  seven days a week and is divided into levels. In free time it is not unusual to see a player practicing for a regional tournament next to an 85 year old granny swatting the ball in her flowered tennis shorts.

There are various levels of bridge where at the beginner’s level your partner may, and often does, trump your ace to sessions for the  skilled duplicate player.

The Centre offers a superb lunch five days a week, featuring homemade soups, healthy entrees, and luscious desserts. To rid you of the extra calories, a dance with live music is held once a month. The Centre has its own bus and operates trips for members such as to Park Royal for shopping, different casinos, art and music programmes .

Moving to the outdoors there several walking groups including those given to bird watching. Fortunately the birds don’t mind being watched, but unfortunately the watchers get wet during the height of bird watching season.

Fishing has revived on the Coast. Every day when the weather is good you can see boats from large to tiny trying to perpetuate the ongoing battle called “sport fishing” .There is fishing for salmon, cod  and sometimes halibut and of course trout in the lakes. Boats range from the Outer Coast to Egmont and in the Sechelt Inlet. Many fishermen chase the large  salmon and sometimes they are caught.  One enthusiastic fisherman impressed all at the dock by announcing a catch of a 39lb. salmon. We still fish in pounds, kilograms would seem unnatural. Of course the fish only weighed 29lb. When you purchase a fishing licence you also acquire the right to exaggerate.

See you next week for more Sunshine Coast info.



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