Blog #13 - By DVW - Homes On The Sunshine Coast - Lloyd the Dog

Posted by Cheyenne Howitt on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at 10:10am.

Hello! My name is Lloyd and I am a dog, not just any dog, I am a Sunshine Coast dog which is makes me extremely fortunate. George sometimes calls me “superdog”, which is a bit corny. He knows my name is Lloyd but I guess George just forgets sometimes. Are you wondering who is George? Helen and George are the people who take care of Sophia and I, although I also look after them as well. Sophia is the cat. She has always lived on the Sunshine Coast. She is OK for a cat but she can be bossy and irritating on occasions, especially by whacking me with one of her paws when I am trying to sleep. Helen, George and I have not always lived on the Sunshine Coast. We used to live in a big city which wasn’t nearly as much fun for me as living here.

What kind of a dog am I? As for size, you could describe me as a medium sized dog. I have seen some bigger and many smaller. People often say I am a “handsome boy”. They sometimes ask George or Helen what breed I am. Helen always says that I am a “Heinz 57”. It must be some kind of joke as I know that is not a breed of dog but the brand of ketchup George puts on his sausages. 

This Sunshine Coast is a real “cool” place for dogs. There are some places where I don’t have to be on a leash unlike the big city. There are four or five areas where I can go off leash which is real neat. My favourite leash free area is Kinnikinnick playing field and wilderness trail land in Sechelt. The field is used at times for soccer and baseball. I love that field as it is where I meet other dogs. Us dogs have our own ball games and the exercise keeps us in shape and from gaining too much weight.

Quite a few dogs have become my friends at the playing field. My favourite friend is Harold who is a very large dog. George and Harold’s care giver Bob take turns throwing the ball for us. When we are not chasing balls we sometimes chase the geese and crows which land on the field. The crows are not bothered but the geese get bad tempered. George gets tired of ball throwing and sometimes we go walking, also off leash, through the acres of wooded trails adjacent to the playing field. They are a lot of fun. I don’t stay on the trails but have a great time exploring the woods. I could investigate for hours but I have more staying power than George so we don’t stay for hours.

When I have been an especially good boy George will take me to the beach where I have fun jumping the waves, swimming and splashing. My friend Harold gets to go in canoes and kayaks and has his own life jacket. George and Helen don’t do boats so I have to be content with jumping waves.

On the Sunshine Coast there is plenty of opportunity for hiking. George is getting too old for serious hiking but when George and Helen’s son Ralph comes to visit I always get to go hiking. Ralph says he wouldn’t go without me as I can warn him of bears and cougars. I also get to chase deer which is a lot of fun although I never catch them. 

I don’t want to get injured or sick, but if I do, there are at least twenty practicing Vets on the Sunshine Coast.There is a park with obstacle courses for dogs and there are boarding kennels and groomers. 

Life on the Sunshine Coast is great for dogs, just ask Lloyd!

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