Blog #1 – by DVW – Homes On The Sunshine Coast - Retirement on the Coast

Posted by Cheyenne Howitt on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 at 12:45pm.

Are you thinking of retirement or perhaps just a slower pace of life? YES! Then consider the Sunshine Coast. In particular consider the lower Sunshine Coast between the ferry terminals of Langdale and Earl’s Cove.


 Properties on the Sunshine Coast do not come in a “one size fits all” category. There is a great variety in location, size and price. They range from a remote mountain cabin, where even Revenue Canada may have great difficulty in locating you, to a luxurious waterfront estate where travelling royalty or political leaders might be expected to drop in for cocktails or dinner or both. There is everything in between these extremes. The choice is yours. There are many choices, some of which life in the “big city” does not offer. You can be active or “laid back” and the Sunshine Coast gives you the opportunity to do either, or both.


The advantages of Coast living are nearly endless. There is of course, the great natural beauty such as the mountains, the ocean, the beaches, the lakes, the hiking trails and an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna.


 The weather on the Sunshine Coast is one of its greatest assets. There is more sunshine and less rain than other lower mainland areas. As you travel up Highway101, you will see an ever increasing number of arbutus trees, a sure indication of a drier climate.


 Life on the Sunshine Coast offers an almost limitless number of recreational activities from those requiring physical effort to those activities of the mind and senses. Life on the Coast is also what you may be escaping from. No more long lineups or sitting parked inhaling exhaust fumes. You will enjoy the clean air.


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