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A Sunday afternoon puttering around the garden, a bit of weeding here, mulching a flower bed there, doesn't exactly seem like an arduous workout. Yet studies suggest that prolonged light exercise, such as gardening, can burn more calories than one gym session, despite feeling much easier to do. How does that work? The key is the duration of the session. Gardening tends to be much lower intensity, but last twice or even three times as long as a trip to the gym.

When gardening, you are also exposed to more stimuli than the flashing monitor of the treadmill. The sights, the sounds, the decision-making can all serve to distract you from the intensity of physical work you are doing. Images and recordings of natural environments have been shown to reduce

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We have imagined ourselves in a position of relaxing and “watching the world go by”. One of the more exciting ways of “watching the world go by” is to observe from the deck of a cruise ship. Many of you may have done this on multiple occasions and others of you not at all. Those of you who have had the good fortune of purchasing property and moving to the Sunshine Coast can see “the world go by” without actually on board the deck of a cruise ship. Imagine being on your own deck or porch that has a clear view to the ocean. Suddenly there comes into view this well-lit ocean liner. Perhaps you can even hear the music from a dance band that is playing on board the ship. It is not difficult to think of yourself enjoying the consumption of fine food and wine

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When you think of reasons for purchasing real estate on the Sunshine Coast you may think of the great value of the real estate, the climate, the opportunities for recreation both land and marine. These are all valid reasons to purchase real estate. You correctly admire the life style but you may not be aware that an important part of that life style is the wide range of available restaurants, pubs, bistros and specialty eating establishments. The range is impressive from places offering fine dining to take out, fast food to European cuisine.

You can check how the restaurants see themselves and to some extent, how their customers see them by going to review. In the Find field select Restaurants and in Near field enter

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The celebration of the New Year is worldwide. It is perhaps the only holiday that is universal. Everywhere it is part of the culture. It is not celebrated on the same day due to different calendars. Most of the western world use the Gregorian calendar, which has also been adopted by Japan. Russia and the Eastern Orthodox Churches operate by the Julian calendar. Much of the Eastern world, including China, operate on the Lunar calendar.

Customs and practices vary from country to country and sometimes from village to village. Generally, the message is to put the old year with all of its troubles behind you and to look with hope and optimism for the new year ahead of you. 

The celebration of the New Year as a special event and is purported to have begun

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What is the hub of local social activity in a small town? Where do you go to get the local news (some might say, the local gossip)? It is no longer the neighborhood sewing circle. No, it is not the pub. It is your favourite coffee shop. By that we don’t necessarily mean Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Tim Hortons is found in Gibsons, has a drive through window and for those of us who are sugar addicts, there are always Timbits.

Starbucks operates in Sechelt and Gibsons and offer a drive through window. It is perhaps the latte capital of Sechelt, offering every conceivable kind of latte and offers its drive through well into the evening.

However, if you wish to participate in the local colour, there is nothing like the smaller, intimate coffee shops, where

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Thinking of moving to the Sunshine Coast? Do you have concerns? Is one of those concerns medical and hospital care? There is little reason for concern. The Sunshine Coast is such a great place to live it has attracted a large group of highly qualified physicians. Should you need to see a specialist in Vancouver, or travel to the city for medical tests or treatments, your ferry expenses for yourself, vehicle, and if necessary a driver, are paid for by the BC Medical plan. In emergencies, there is a helicopter pad adjacent to the Sechelt hospital and there is a helicopter service available in the Sechelt area.

There is a new modern hospital facility in Sechelt that provides the population of the entire lower Sunshine Coast with a 21st Century treatment

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Continuing our series on water sports, this week we would like to refer you to the most ancient of all water sports; swimming. As the Sunshine Coast has as its westerly boundary, the ocean, your mind may turn to swimming in salt water. We would like to make those of you who are new to the Sunshine Coast or are planning to purchase property here, or just visit, aware of the outstanding fresh water swimming that is offered in the many beautiful lakes. Not only are there opportunities for safe, clean swimming but there are instances where swimming can be combined with scenic hiking trails.

Along Highway 101 not far from Earl’s Cove you come upon Ruby Lake which has been a favourite swimming and tourist location for generations. There is public access to

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You cannot travel the Sunshine Coast without becoming aware of the importance of water. The Sunshine Coast boasts activities on both salt and fresh waters. Of course, the presence of so much water leads to a multitude of water related activities. There are opportunities for swimming, power boat cruising, sailing, diving, water skiing, outrigger paddling, canoeing, kayaking, fishing (both salt and fresh water), and much more.

One of the very popular activities is power boating, from a twelve foot runabout to a seventy-five foot yacht. Sometimes this activity involves fishing, but often it is simply exploring the Sunshine Coast from the water. In reference to salt water, the Sunshine Coast is flanked by the Strait of Georgia. Along the way there are

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Hello! My name is Lloyd and I am a dog, not just any dog, I am a Sunshine Coast dog which is makes me extremely fortunate. George sometimes calls me “superdog”, which is a bit corny. He knows my name is Lloyd but I guess George just forgets sometimes. Are you wondering who is George? Helen and George are the people who take care of Sophia and I, although I also look after them as well. Sophia is the cat. She has always lived on the Sunshine Coast. She is OK for a cat but she can be bossy and irritating on occasions, especially by whacking me with one of her paws when I am trying to sleep. Helen, George and I have not always lived on the Sunshine Coast. We used to live in a big city which wasn’t nearly as much fun for me as living here.

What kind of a

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