November 2016

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What is the hub of local social activity in a small town? Where do you go to get the local news (some might say, the local gossip)? It is no longer the neighborhood sewing circle. No, it is not the pub. It is your favourite coffee shop. By that we don’t necessarily mean Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Tim Hortons is found in Gibsons, has a drive through window and for those of us who are sugar addicts, there are always Timbits.

Starbucks operates in Sechelt and Gibsons and offer a drive through window. It is perhaps the latte capital of Sechelt, offering every conceivable kind of latte and offers its drive through well into the evening.

However, if you wish to participate in the local colour, there is nothing like the smaller, intimate coffee shops, where

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Thinking of moving to the Sunshine Coast? Do you have concerns? Is one of those concerns medical and hospital care? There is little reason for concern. The Sunshine Coast is such a great place to live it has attracted a large group of highly qualified physicians. Should you need to see a specialist in Vancouver, or travel to the city for medical tests or treatments, your ferry expenses for yourself, vehicle, and if necessary a driver, are paid for by the BC Medical plan. In emergencies, there is a helicopter pad adjacent to the Sechelt hospital and there is a helicopter service available in the Sechelt area.

There is a new modern hospital facility in Sechelt that provides the population of the entire lower Sunshine Coast with a 21st Century treatment

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Continuing our series on water sports, this week we would like to refer you to the most ancient of all water sports; swimming. As the Sunshine Coast has as its westerly boundary, the ocean, your mind may turn to swimming in salt water. We would like to make those of you who are new to the Sunshine Coast or are planning to purchase property here, or just visit, aware of the outstanding fresh water swimming that is offered in the many beautiful lakes. Not only are there opportunities for safe, clean swimming but there are instances where swimming can be combined with scenic hiking trails.

Along Highway 101 not far from Earl’s Cove you come upon Ruby Lake which has been a favourite swimming and tourist location for generations. There is public access to

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