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AUTUMN on the Sunshine Coast is a seasonal farewell to summer, but at the same time the first half of autumn introduces us to some of the most pleasant weather of the year. The word “autumn” of course signifies the third season of the calendar year. The word “autumn” found its way into the English language from the Latin. The Romans had acquired it from their early neighbours the Etruscans.

Here in North America, the season is often referred to as the “fall”. In the 17th century, settlement from England, was at its height. The settlers from England brought their language with them and the word “fall” became part of North American English. It is no longer a word that is used very often in England.

Autumn is sometimes referred to as the “cooling off”

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Next to sea gulls the most common bird you will see on the Sunshine Coast is the crow. With the exception of a few rare parrots, crows are the most intelligent of birds. They are referred to by some scientists as “brainiacs”. They are found everywhere in the world except southern South America and some islands. There are about 45 different species of crows or more formerly, the corvus family, in the world. Crows have been around this planet for a long time.  Fossils have been found in Europe dating back 20-25 million years. A few of the crow family you might be familiar with are jays, magpies, rooks, ravens and our own northwest crow.

Crows are very social, and when not mating travel in large groups unlike ravens which travel usually in pairs. Crows

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As you travel the sea coast of B.C. , whether by ferry, cruise ship or private boat, you become aware that sea birds are a large and important factor in the ecology of the Pacific Coast. The sea bird that is probably the most familiar is the sea gull. There are more than fifty types of gulls world wide which are commonly referred to as “sea gulls”.

It is estimated that nearly six million individuals from fifteen species of sea birds breed off the B.C. Coast each year. Of these there might be more than six different types of gulls all of which in this blog are going to be referred to simply as “sea gulls”. Sea gulls have a varied diet. They eat fish, but also eat insects , food they steal from other birds and of course garbage.  Sea gulls have flocked

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